About Tracy

Tracy Thomas Manno is a Christian artist and songwriter, self described as a modern day “Rich Mullins Wanna-Be.” Through theologically sound lyrics, moving piano performance within a contemporary worship style, his songs take the listener through a journey of soul searching, conviction and rejoicing.
Tracy’s musical biography encompasses a broad range of  achievement as a performer, artist, and composer. Holding a degree  in Music Composition from Ithaca College School of Music, Tracy spent his early years in the pursuit of a career as a Hollywood film composer, only to be interrupted by the call of God in his life. Moving to NJ shortly after, he spent a period of time growing in his new faith, while working as an executive in the healthcare marketing industry. During this time God was preparing him for full-time ministry, to which he was called in 2003. Now residing in Central Pennsylvania with his wife and three children, Tracy has spent over a decade serving alongside other missionaries to minister in the Middle East, India, Africa and the United States. It is through these experiences God has brought music back into Tracy’s life, giving him new songs, with new purpose.
Having been described as a contemporary writer of psalms and hymns, Tracy’s lyrics speak to deep issues of the heart and soul, rooted in scripture and rich in doctrine. Conveyed through personal testimony and relevant story telling, Tracy’s songs offer the worshiper a profound experience with personal significance and spiritual strengthening.
Inspired by songwriters and performers such as Rich Mullins and Billy Joel, Tracy’s musical style is largely characterized by his vibrant and percussive piano technique, stirring harmonies, defining rhythms and orchestral overtones.